Hendry Builders – Responsive Website

We met Alec Hendry through working on some signage for his vehicles, and although he had a website already it was out of date and several important links were causing errors. Although business is good for Hendry Builders, his reputation precedes him, and Alec knows that a website is great shop window for your business.

A key priority for the website is Hendry Builder’s five star reviews on Which? Trusted Trader, which the business has been with since start-up in 2013. Needing to keep this strong emphasis, we suggested the Which? logo be a moving part of the website, always in sight by moving with the user up and down the page.

By rebuilding the website from scratch we could give the site a more streamlined de-cluttered look, and bring it up-to-date making it fully responsive across multiple screen sizes. The rebuild also allowed the website to be more focussed, directing customers to the services and portfolio without leading potential clients through dozens of pages.

We loved looking at the great structures and projects Alec has built and he was delighted with the new refreshed website: hendrybuilders.co.uk