Peter Saville’s Cover Art for New Order

Peter Saville, born in 1955, is a British graphic designer best known for his work on several record sleeves for Factory Records, an independent record label based in Manchester, England. Factory Records was founded in 1978 by Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus along with Saville as graphic designer and Martin Hannett as record producer.

Some of Saville’s most notable works were for the band New Order. The sleeve art was in a minimalist style, usually without featuring either the band name or the release title.

Some of our favourite sleeves are featured below. From top to bottom –

‘Blue Monday’, released in 1983, has artwork resembling an 8″ floppy disc. Infamously, the sleeve for ‘Blue Monday’ was so expensive to produce that Factory Records made a loss on every copy sold.

‘Confusion’, also released in 1983 as the follow up to ‘Blue Monday’.

‘True Faith’, featuring a leaf against a blue background, was recorded for the singles collection ‘Substance’ released in 1987 and was also released as a single in it’s own right.

You can find a large collection of Peter Saville’s work at

For more information the catalog of Factory Records, it is well worth checking out


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