Peter Gabriel – Scratch My Back, New Blood & Live Blood

In 2010 Peter Gabriel released his eighth studio album, his first in eight years, entitled ‘Scratch My Back’. The album consists of cover versions of twelve songs by various artists, using only orchestra and voice.

The album art work is a beautiful micrograph of two blood cells folding together. The image, shot by Steve Gschmeissner, is simple, graceful and presented by Marc Bessant, the graphic designer with no title or text to distract from the cells form.

Following ‘Scratch My Back’, in 2011 Gabriel released his ninth studio album ‘New Blood’ and the live album ‘Live Blood’. Both of these releases feature cover art in a similar style. I particularly like the image of the hypodermic needle and blood cells used on the ‘Live Blood’ cover. There is something about the harsh, sharp, metallic edge of the needle’s opening paired with the delicate fragility of the blood cells that I find both elegant and fascinating.

Below you can see all three covers, from top to bottom – ‘Scratch My Back’, ‘New Blood’ and ‘Live Blood’.

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