BrewDog Label Designs

The reason we love BrewDog labels so much is that they are very much in keeping with their unique brand. One of the UK’s fastest growing food and drinks companies of the past five years, the design of the labels sit right at home in their many bars, of which we’ve visited a few.

The labels are nearly all type with the name of the brew printed sideways with a three word tag line in black. Underneath are large letters in tints of one colour or a gradient. This makes the black text stand out along with the old school print lines which you’re able to feel, with spot varnishes raising the texture of the wooden type style printing.

The type has an eroded look in keeping with with the grunge style logo of curved dog and shield, rough at the edges as if the block it was printed from has been worn away by time and use, but actually created by the design agency using lasers.

Brewdog have stayed craft even though they have scaled up, see they’re headliners here:

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